Canine brucella Detection Easy, for 10 male dogs

How can I see if my breading male dog has Brucella?

There is no way to see a dog has brucella since the males are asymptomatic.

The only easy way is to take a small amount of blood from the dogs ear by cutting fast a very small scar with a razor blade or to go to a veterinarian that takes blood with a syringe (often more painful)

Is it Ethical to take blood from a dogs ear?

I have been testing 100ds of dogs and the drop from the ear was the fastest even some might see it as unethical. It is your dog and you want him not to suffer from this test that only needs a drop of blood.

Put the drop on the test strip, there are 10 in a box of 99 euro or 87 GBP.

Brucella is killing 1000 of pregnant female dogs in the UK. Any Male dog owner that is qualified for reproduction should be able to submit a recent ( less than 12 months old test result or less than 6 females if its an intensive requested male dog)