How to buy the perfect C19 detection kit for at home?

Today many different kits are available from the Genprice Shop in USA or te Genprice Europe store and it is difficult to make the right choice for a professional situation or in your home.

Prices are relatively low so it is not necessary not to use new technology test houses brought to you.

What type of sample is tested and how to collect?

The test is carried out on a small drop of blood taken by the Diabetes Lancet device or on the NasofaryNgeal Schwab nose. Small blood decreases can be a little sick, Schwab is usually not sick but it is not comfortable for small children and they usually cry.

We think both are very useful and for children blood samples are often easier. Know that in the Accutell test, blood needs to enter the place on the tapes of the sample and buffer in place B which is often confused with blood.

What tests are available and how to make the best choice?

PCR test is not for home but the IgM IgM antibody test and antigen tests such as Panbio or BioCredit are usually done at home.

In the early days after PCR contamination was better than the antigen better than IGM. IgG is the best choice if you want to know if you have and an old infection and without any antibodies and IgM symptoms means you:

  1. safe for not infected back
  2. safe not to infect others

How many home tests in the box and why so much?

Usually between 20, 25, 40 or 50 tests in the box

With prices ranging from 4 to 10 euros per test if it will be low only to send 1 test.

These boxes come with one bottle buffer so that one test delivery will increase the price of up to 30 euros for 1 test while the price is only from 100 to 200 euros for a box.

The first test is useful for using Blanco samples so that nothing can be compared to your test. In both cases you need to add 2 drops of buffer and you need to see C control of dark coloring. My C does not darken a test shortage or expiration.

If you hold a negative test with a blood sample or without a sample where you run the buffer, you will see a little antigen or antibody lines in positive places. This doesn’t mean you are positive. The dark line must be visible from the top of the cassette when placed on a table with normal lighting forming a light or light day on it

Do I need to be a doctor to do a test?

To do PCR you must be a biologist and have a very expensive laboratory and a sterile thermositore but for antigens or self-test antibodies you don’t need special skills. It infects it very easy to watch the YouTube tutorial or read paste protocol kit.

The basic steps are

  1. Take a drop of blood or nasal schwab
  2. Insert the sample on the cassette
  3. Enter the buffer on the cassette
  4. After 1 minute read the results with your own eyes
  5. If you need proof of traveling, take your results with your ID card and date and let the sign by the witness or official with the place and date

What is the difference between antigen tests or antibodies?

Antigens better protect others if you are not sure if you have been infected

Antibody tests are better to protect others and yourself if you know you have been infected

Usually as a PCR rule detects at the beginning of 2 days after the infection of some RNA viruses translated in DNA, the antigen can only be detected on day 3 to 30 after the IgM contacts and antibodies start only on day 5. When you have positive IgM has been contagious for 2 days, That is why PCR or antigen tests are preferred to protect your contacts in the possible infection situation.

If you are sure you are infected and you need to know whether you can infect again while you don’t have more symptoms IgM IgG antibody tests much better than the antigen test.

If you want to know whether you can’t infect an antibody test better because when you still have IGG after 5 months you are really sure you can’t get it anymore and you can’t in the absence of symptoms and antigens infect others.

Should IGG positive people, negative negative symptoms, negative antigens and negative PCr still wearing a mask?

No, they shouldn’t. In official situations even if obsolete masks often must show a good example. In personal situations but it is very useful to know that you are a negative IgM and IGG positive because it means you lack symptoms that are completely safe for yourself and others. It’s also why tests are sold in box 25 so you will be able to test yourself every 2 weeks and follow the progress of your antibodies. You must take pictures every week from your antibody or antigen progress and save this to then understand the history of your COV2. The expiration date of the detection kit is 2 years so surely in this case you will find the use of 25 tests provided in the box. This is not a question yes or no but the evolutionary question of your own test history.

What is the difference between the positive results of IgM or IgG?

  • IgM is a direct response. Remember M of the second and third letter immediately.
  • IgG is a response after 10 days or more.
  • Positive IgM means you are contagious
  • Positive IgG means you have an old infection and without IgM, PCR or your antigen is safe for yourself and others.

When do I safely have a negative test?

If you have tested a negative PCR after days after your last contact, you are safe

If you are a negative antigen after 5 days after your last contact, you are safe

If you are a negative IGM after 7 days after your contact, you are safe, which is why the antigen test is preferred for the IgM antibody test

If you negative IGG 6 months after an old infection there are cases where people get this SARS for the second time so that IGG is a parameter for protection in that period safe for everyone with the absence of PCR, antigens and positive results.

Can I only have a positive IgG test?

Yes this means you survived well and an old infection. If you don’t have a permanent defect of your virus period, this is a very good news! You are free to travel, work, and help everyone.

Does it hurt to do a covid test?

Very painful. Schwab is a little uncomfortable especially for children and painful blood samples is only 10 seconds. I prefer to test children with blood samples but depending on the child and the shape of Schwab some people prefer Schwabs.

Are there flu and corona tests that combine 2 tests in 1 tape?

Yes this is a very useful test because many people mix the pointed symptoms with corona symptoms. Tauns Capilia has a very useful Flue COV combo test and they also have the best self self-self test available.

Is the IgG test better than an antigen test or PCR?

For new PCR infections it is better than antigens better than IgM antibodies. IgG has actually been used to detect new infections, never. IgG is used to monitor your immune protection into a 7-day old infection.

Is the antigen test better than an antibody test?

Yes and no. To find out the danger antigen test is better and faster. After you know you have it to test the danger of infection still someone after you have no more symptoms, IgG is the only test that can give you this information. Conclusion: Antigen tests are better for detecting viruses and IgM IgG tests better to monitor the progress of the disease.

What is the testing company test?

  • Panbio Antigen Abbott, 25 tests a box, 185 euros
  • BioCredit Antigen Test, 20 Box Test, 195 Euros
  • Lepu Medical Antigen, 20 Test Box 215 Euros
  • Accutell Antibody IgM 25 Test Box for 165 euros
  • Lepu Antibody 20 Test A Drill 185 Euro

Is the best PCR test?

Yes due to detecting as early as in 2, 3 days after viral infection but because of the problem of severe stock of filter tips and PCR Reagents are not available for everyone in 2021 2022. It is also a very expensive technique at a price of 100 euro tests while the test is just average -Rata sold at 5 euros test.

PCR is slow, the results come only after the first 3 hours or 2 days while in 60 seconds is a home test can be done by non-medical people.